Evelyn Milano is an elite sadistic humiliatrix. She has been a lifestyle dominant as well as a professional dominatrix for over a decade.  She offers an impressive and continually expanding catalog of video clips, and other items.

Her considerable experience as a female dominant began 15 years ago. As a member of the lifestyle BDSM community Evelyn Milano learned her love and craft of humiliation. Her effortless and effective humiliation practices have earned her the title “Elite Sadistic Humiliatrix.”

Few dominatrices can say that their family and friends know about their chosen profession. Evelyn Milano is out and proud about her lifestyle, and her work as a professional female dominant. She has owned personal slaves, and is committed to the femdom lifestyle.

Evelyn Milano’s ten plus years of experience as a professional practicing dominatrix place her in an elite group that have exceptional experience and have invested time and resources into her profession. She possesses a wicked combination of beauty and skill that will bring both experienced submissives and new slaves to their knees.

Evelyn Milano’s specialties include, but not limited to, sadistic humiliation, ball busting, foot worship, ass worship, and financial domination.

Over the past few years, Evelyn Milano has created an impressive catalog of clips about her favorite subjects in female domination. She has invested in equipment and software to present quality clips from her personal studio. She is prolific and consistent in producing new content. All of her clips feature her unique brand of sadistic humiliation.

She has traveled to many of the premier kink and fetish events throughout North America to expand her knowledge and connections within the industry, and is always looking for new opportunities to grow, or make new contacts.