There is a required $500 Application/consideration tribute that will go towards your first month of a consecutive 3 month probationary period that is $500 per month there after.

Benefits during the 3 month probationary period:

  • Free LoyalFans monthly subscription
  • Free texting through LoyalFans
  • 10 Free mins of phone per month
  • + more

Towards the end of the probationary period, we will discuss further servitude tier levels that you can afford.  My time and attention you receive will increase after the probationary period, along with way more benefits depending on which tier you choose.  Online only servitude starts at $500/month and in person servitude starts at $2000/month after the probationary period.  Clips/Cam/Phone etc does not count towards these monthly tributes, ever.

Submit your $500 application/consideration tribute below, then proceed to fill out the application.

If you do not follow my directions and fail to submit the $500 application/consideration tribute, you will be blacklisted from serving me.

$500 Application Tribute

Submit your application/consideration tribute first, then scroll down to fill out the application.

I accept the $500 submissive application/consideration tribute via the sites below:

(Sorted by most preferred to least preferred)






Fill out this application truthfully and with as much information possible.

Submissive Application


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