You have finally accepted your place as a submissive in the world.  Your life won’t truly be complete, yet.  That is, until you have started your life long dream of serving me.  I will fill that void.  I will make you whole.  Now, Breathe a sigh of relief, and then proceed filling out the application below.  Anything you tell me here is strictly between us, so don’t hold back.  I want to know everything.

Be prepared to send an introductory tribute directly before submitting your application, or your app will go unread and be deleted.

Q: Why am I required to send a $250 tribute?

A. I am well known, established and sought after.  My time is valuable.  Sending a tribute shows me you are invested in the process and serious about wanting to be my sub.  Plus, I like to test you and see how well you follow orders.

Q: Can I pay other ways such as cash app, Venmo etc?

A. No.  You can pay via the ways I have listed below.  If you even ask about other payment methods, then you aren’t following my instructions and are not the sub I am looking for.

Q: What happens after I submit the tribute and application?

A: I will read over everything you sent and reach out to briefly discuss things with you. From there, monthly tribute fees are due on the first day of every month in a lump sum.  There is a 4 month mandatory probationary period to make sure we’re a good match and for you to prove you’re a loyal and dedicated sub that intends on sticking around long term. Benefits/my attention you receive after this probationary period will increase significantly.

Q: I want to serve you in person and not just online, what is the process?

A: You are required to serve me online for a 4 month minimum (probationary period, $1000 a month) and after that 4 month probationary period is up, you can apply to serve me real time, which then will up the monthly required tribute to $2000.