Easy Submissive Tasks Can’t afford to send big tributes regularly? No problem! Here are some easy things you can do instead to please me aka submissive tasks: 1. Always leave 5* feedback for all Niteflirt purchases 2. Retweet and/or like my twitter posts 3. Write reviews for my clips and I’ll RT them 4. Good […]

YO. Orlando, Florida bitches! I am accepting bribery ($$) and lots of begging on knees for new local submissive slave positions. Yep, you read that right. I am looking for 2 local Orlando subs who wanna devote their time to me. Life to me. Die for me. No broke asses Kthxbye xoxo Evelyn

As many of you are aware, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are hardcore cracking down on adult industry performers. Many performers accounts have already been shut down/banned in the least 1-2 years and now things such as being “shadow banned” and “hashtag banning” are happening to everyone. Social media banning has […]

Super worn as fuck used shoes – roxy sandals Toe imprint and everything $100 Niteflirt tribute Ships 2-3 day USA only First to send gets them Anddddd go!

Hi boys, I’m sure you’ve all noticed I’m not around much.  I am semi-retired as of a few months ago.  I will still make new clips every once in awhile, and you can still order custom clips from me for the time being.  I will be filming this coming week, so if you want to […]

SIGN UP This blog is for the ladies in the industry, whether you are new and looking where to start or have been around for a bit but still want the opinion of an established Veteran Domme in the industry.  I have been an online Domme now for 11 years and have dabbled in every […]

Hi boys!  It’s that time of year again!  My birthday is December 8th and Christmas is shortly after.  What does that mean?  Time to spoil the Elite Sadistic Humiliatrix you just can’t get enough of!  Don’t wait until last minute, I do notice boys who spoil me and ignore those who don’t! Top items I […]

I get asked quite frequently which websites do I prefer subs send tributes on, buy clips on etc, here is your answer(note these are liable to change in the future): TRIBUTES Niteflirt (I get 70%) iWantClips (I get 75% but prefer NF first) CLIPS Niteflirt (I get 70%) Clips4Sale (I get 60%) iWantClips (I get […]

Hi boys.  I had a request to do a more personal blog post about myself.  Here are some things about me outside of online:   Fav color:  Turquoise/Teal/Blue Fav ice cream flavor:  Chocolate How I cook my steak:  Medium Well Fav Drink at Starbucks:  Vanilla Latte w/ almond milk Fav actors/actress: Alexander Skarsgard, Anthony Hopkins, […]

Late June – Early July, I went on vacation to Curacao.  I stayed right on the beach in an amazing condo at the Blue Bay Private resort with my best friend.  We spent a week sunbathing, swimming, sight seeing , shopping and having fun!  I even took a few phone calls and drained wallets while […]

So many of you always ask what can you do to please me? What can you do to be a better sub?  How can you stand out from the rest?  Being my sub doesn’t just mean applying, sending tributes and rarely hearing from you.   BASICS It’s pretty easy for you to google the basics […]

Many submissive’s do not know how to properly browse a FemDom’s Amazon wishlist, or use Amazon services to their benefit. There are many things about amazon that can save you money in the long run, as well as speed up shipping time and please your Domme even more!  If you open my wishlist link below […]

Hey boys! Voting for the FetishCon fetish awards just started!  If you haven’t voted for me yet, YOU NEED TO!  The polls close June 15th!  I will be attending FetCon in August, and will be working the clips4sale booth a few hours each day! The two categories: Favorite Female Fetish Webcam Performer Favorite Female […]

Certain websites have certain site rules, rendering me unable to sell certain types of content/clips. If a clip you want to purchase isn’t available on the website you want, it’s probably because I CANNOT sell it there.  Payment processors such as Visa and MasterCard have very strict rules. The following sites do not allow the following […]

2018 has been off to an awesome start!  Tons of stuff coming like EXXXOTICA! New things: My Fanclub:   Right now I have the rate set at a low intro rate, but it WILL be going up once my content library builds up on there.  There are multiple subscription options to choose from! Members Site: […]

I’ve been up to so much since my last blog post.  So let’s recap… Mid-October I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer.  Thankfully it was early stages, and I went into surgery and had 3 inches of my skin removed.  I have a pretty nasty scar on my back from it.  Obvs I won’t be tanning […]

Hi boys! I have some exciting news!  I am in the process of designing my own MEMBERS website.  My previous one that was through clips4sale has already been shut down/deleted and no longer active.  The new one will be through a different company, and soooo much better!  It has tons of videos, photosets, a store […]

This is a very personal blog entry, so if that’s not your thing, then skip it and don’t read it.  However, if you would like more insight into my life, then read on.   One of the best moments of my life was in January of 2015.  My brother married his partner of 8 years […]

I was originally supposed to be in Miami for a few days, and then Tampa for real time sessions/my tour.  Of course, hurricanes are taking over everywhere and I decided it was in my best interest to cancel the FL trip.  Since my bestie had already taken time off work, we quickly booked a last […]

One thing many of you get confused about is “serving.” I see accounts pop up all the time on twitter etc that say things such as “EvelynsSlave” with the profile saying they are owned by me and are my slave, that I have never even spoken to. I get guys contacting me constantly saying they […]

I am hitting the road next month for my first USA Tour offering real time sessions.  So far, I have only announced 4 locations I’m hitting up.  I will be adding more cities and dates for 2018 by the end of the year!  Have a specific city request?  Reach out to me and let me […]