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This blog is for the ladies in the industry, whether you are new and looking where to start or have been around for a bit but still want the opinion of an established Veteran Domme in the industry.  I have been an online Domme now for 11 years and have dabbled in every website there is to sell clips, do phone, do webcam, take tributes etc.

Some are better than others, and here are my TOP recommendations:

NITEFLIRT – I have been on here since 2007.  You can sell clips, assignments, mp3s, and do phone/webcam calls on this site.  I have only had 3 chargebacks in my 11 years here.  They have daily payout as well as monthly.

CLIPS4SALE – I have been on here since 2009.  This place is great for traffic and selling clips.  Payouts are consistent and on a monthly basis.

IWANTCLIPS – I have been on here a few years now.  This place does clips, phone, cam and custom clips.  Their chargeback protection that you can opt in for is amazing.  They do daily payouts.

ADULT MEMBER SITES (MEMBERSHIP SITES) – I joined here in 2017.  Payouts are twice a month, and this is a great place to recycle old content that doesn’t sell anymore such as clips as passive income.


Less preferred, but mainly because they don’t cater to my clientele or have bad traffic:

ManyVids – Their fetish clientele is building slowly, so use this as a back up site.

Kinkbomb – I don’t upload here anymore.  The traffic was bad and I had a lot of chargebacks and refunds.

SextPanther – The site didn’t have much traffic and appears to cater more to vanilla porn.



Preferred Sites

I get asked quite frequently which websites do I prefer subs send tributes on, buy clips on etc, here is your answer(note these are liable to change in the future):


  1. Niteflirt (I get 70%)
  2. iWantClips (I get 75% but prefer NF first)


  1. Niteflirt (I get 70%)
  2. Clips4Sale (I get 60%)
  3. iWantClips (I get 55%)


  1. Niteflirt (I get roughly 68%)
  2. iWantPhone (I get 65%)


I get asked about AMAZON quite frequently.  I do love receiving Amazon e gift cards every once in a while, but you can’t exactly pay bills with an amazon gift card.  I generally prefer CASH/TRIBUTE over Amazon, unless there is something specific I need/want on amazon at that point in time.  It’s best to reach out to me and ask which I want at that point in time!


I always accept random gift cards from subs from the following places:



How To Please Me

So many of you always ask what can you do to please me? What can you do to be a better sub?  How can you stand out from the rest?  Being my sub doesn’t just mean applying, sending tributes and rarely hearing from you.



It’s pretty easy for you to google the basics on how to be a sub, if you are brand new or not sure what to do.  I have been in the industry for 11 years now, and do not have the time nor energy to teach you the basics of being a submissive.

I will not just start telling you all about myself, you can research me very easily online.  Read my website, read all the interviews I’ve done.  Listen to podcasts I’ve been on.  Make yourself familiar with things I like, things I don’t like.



Tell me what fetishes you’re into and not into.  Let me know about any and all experience you’ve had as a submissive.  Message me regularly, with meaningful conversation.  I prefer to speak with my subs on a regular basis, and get to know them as they get to know me. Don’t expect me to sit and have very long conversations with you unless you are tributing me regularly because I could be spending my time with another sub who values my time more.



Serving more than one Domme, tributing more than one person?  STOP.  You are spreading yourself thin between too many people.  Small tributes will only get you an ounce of attention, if that.  If you’re jumping around from one Domme to another, you’re never going to fully please anyone.  Half hearted tributes from community sluts don’t hold the same value as a tribute from a loyal devoted sub.  Stick to one Domme and tribute her regularly.  Build a long term relationship, rather than short-term meaningless ones.



I deal with thousands of subs online.  If you really want to impress me, you need to stand out from the crowd.  Do things that please me such as; promoting me whether it be on twitter or forums, search for my pirated content and send me links, send me a poem every week, tribute regularly, buy me gifts regularly, ask if there are any tasks I need done online etc.  I recently had a new sub of mine write “EM <3” in the sand at the beach and he snapped a photo and sent it to me.  Things like this get my attention.

Any time I post a bill on twitter, be the first person to pay for it!  You can always ask to pay for a night out as well!

Having a screen name like “Cuckold123” or “Paypig478” isn’t going to do you any good.  Create a unique screen name that will catch my attention.  Put my photo as your profile photo, put my links on your profile.  Show you are devoted to me.

Call me on Niteflirt or iWantClips!  Do webcam sessions with me!  If you’re a regular caller, I will most certainly remember your voice and/or your face!

A slaves guide to Amazon

Many submissive’s do not know how to properly browse a FemDom’s Amazon wishlist, or use Amazon services to their benefit. There are many things about amazon that can save you money in the long run, as well as speed up shipping time and please your Domme even more!  If you open my wishlist link below and follow as you read, it will make it easier to understand.





For only $99 a year, you can have amazon prime.  If you are a student, you can get it for $49 a year by using your .edu email address!  If you buy gifts regularly, you’ll save money by signing up for this.

What are the benefits?

FREE 2 day shipping (this is the most important one)

Prime Video

Prime Music

Prime Reading

& more



Amazon allows you to sort by priority.  You can do this on an amazon wishlist by looking near the top right, for the drop down that says “Filter & Sort” and then scroll down to “Priority (high to low).”  This means things that I need immediately I mark as “high priority” where as things I want but don’t need immediately are regular priority.  You should ALWAYS buy things for your Domme that are marked “HIGH PRIORITY” first!  Simply skipping over something marked as “high priority” because you see a sexy pair of shoes or lingerie you want me to have is disrespectful and not following orders.



Amazon allows you to have multiple wishlists!  This can come in handy when you want separate lists for things such as shoes, or household items.  However, you CANNOT see all of them unless you are LOGGED INTO your amazon account!  If you look over to the left side, you will see multiple listed once you are logged in (if your Domme has multiple.). I have “MOST WANTED” set as my default wishlist, because it is things I want the most and deem more important.  However, I also have other ones such as “SHOES”, “GIFTCARDS” etc!



If you don’t put that the gift card/gift is from you, how am I supposed to know who sent it?  I get tons of anonymous gifts/tributes regularly.  It is very important to put your name and/or email address on the gift card/gift so I can know whether it’s a tribute or is supposed to be used for something else such as a custom clip or webcam.  Including a cute little message to me will also get my attention.


This is all the Amazon advice I have for now,  but if anything changes or needs to be added, I will update this!



Site Rules/TOS

Certain websites have certain site rules, rendering me unable to sell certain types of content/clips. If a clip you want to purchase isn’t available on the website you want, it’s probably because I CANNOT sell it there.  Payment processors such as Visa and MasterCard have very strict rules.

The following sites do not allow the following content:

NITEFLIRT – Toilet, Racial, Diaper/ABDL, Incest (No mother/son or sister/brother), Teamviewer, Forced Intox

IWC – Racial, Diaper/ABDL, Toilet

My members site – While the website is owned and operated by me, my payment processor doesn’t allow certain things –

Having money in videos or images, Toilet, Forced Intox, Diaper/ABDL,



If we are found breaking these rules, our accounts will be closed and we could be banned from the websites. A few dollars is not worth my accounts being closed down.

I do NOT participate in any team viewer activities, what so ever.  I also do not partake in any BLACKMAIL activities other than blackmail fantasy in videos I film.  Again, a few dollars isn’t worth going to prison.

You can find the BIGGEST selection of my content on Clips4Sale, including fetishes that are banned on other sites!

Serving vs Transaction

One thing many of you get confused about is “serving.” I see accounts pop up all the time on twitter etc that say things such as “EvelynsSlave” with the profile saying they are owned by me and are my slave, that I have never even spoken to. I get guys contacting me constantly saying they want to serve me. Let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of things… with an example, that I just had happen via Skype:

  • slave: I want to your cuckold so bad
  • me: Stop talking about doing it and actually fucking do it
  • slave: I’ve never done it
  • me: Well then stop saying you are my cuck, because you’re not my cuck unless you actually serve me
  • slave: i willl be your cuck
  • slave: ill buy your used condom
  • slave: what does his cum taste like goddess
  • me: : Being owned by me is more than just buying products from me, it means tributing me for our dates, lingerie and more stuff
  • me: Just because you buy a WebCam show does not mean you are my cuck


Serving – Per the dictionary, serving means being of use, assistance and help.

You can be of use, assistance and help by covering my bills, tributing me or buying me things off my wishlist. Cleaning my house, running errands for me etc. Serving me consists of expecting nothing in return from me.

Transaction – Per the dictionary, a transaction is a business deal.

If you buy a video, a webcam session, or call me on Niteflirt etc – ALL of those are business transactions. You are putting your needs before mine, because when you buy said product you are expecting that product in return. You are not being of assistance or use to me by buying a product. It’s literally just a transaction, and once it’s done we both go our separate ways.

Now, lets discuss in more detail a transaction. When you go to the store and buy something, say for instance some chicken, you buy the chicken and that’s that. You don’t go to the grocery store and buy just a chicken and expect all the other ingredients for the recipe for free, do you? If you want the rest of the ingredients, you have to buy them, another transaction. My point being, if you buy a video or a webcam session, that is literally all you are going to get. It does not entitle you to anything other than the product you purchased. Buy a video and want to chat? Pay to chat. Buy a webcam session and want to chat after? Pay to chat.

A lot of you can’t seem to grasp the concept that what I do is a BUSINESS.  It’s how I pay my bills. I’m not some 19 year old college student who does this in her spare time for a new pair of shoes.  I get emails, tweets, etc all day long.  Do I get paid to respond to your emails or tweets? NO.  Should I?  YES.  Do you work for free?  Are you going to work on that project your boss told you to do outside of your work hours, knowing you aren’t getting paid for it?  NO.  So why do you expect me to sit and chat with you for free then?  Chatting to me IS WORK.  Anytime I’m having to stop what I’m doing and give you attention, I’m working.  If you are taking up my time and attention and I get nothing in return, chances are I’m going to take my attention else where to a PAYING customer.



For those of you that think I just sit around all day long doing absolutely nothing.  That is 110% NOT the case.  I have put a lot of hard work and effort into building my business.  10 years later, I’m still here because of that hard work.  As I stated before, I get emails and tweets all day long.  Guess what?  I’m that person that always has their phone up their ass, looking at it 24/7 in public.  Why?  Because I literally work 24/7 to respond to your emails, tweets, etc.  I make videos, I do phone calls, I do webcam.  It’s not as simple as it seems.  Videos require ideas, which I have to come up with.  Video requires editing, uploading to multiple websites, writing descriptions, outfits, professional camera, professional lights.  I have to search for my own pirated videos every week even though I have a DMCA company that I hired, and it’s pretty discouraging to see my hard work being passed around for free.  I take photos every week specifically for work.  I don’t take ass or feet photos to post on my personal Facebook.  I am a one woman business, I literally do everything myself.  It’s a lot of work, and stressful.


With all of that said…

If you like or love the work I do, show your gratitude.  Not just to me, but to every other Domme/Cam girl/sex worker in the industry that you purchase from. I understand compliments are the first thing that comes to mind, but compliments don’t magically turn into $$, and compliments cannot pay the bills for me.  If they did, I’d be one of the richest people in the world.  I cannot go in a public place without getting eye-fucked by almost every male I pass.  I know I’m hot.  Your mouth dropping open the second I walk by states that perfectly clear.  How can you show your gratitude and appreciation?

  • Send a tribute (www.iWantEvelyn.com)
  • Buy me a gift on amazon (www.SpoilEvelyn.com)
  • promote me (retweet, write clip reviews)  @EvelynMilano_
  • anything that GIVES me something, with no expectation of anything in return