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This blog is for the ladies in the industry, whether you are new and looking where to start or have been around for a bit but still want the opinion of an established Veteran Domme in the industry.  I have been an online Domme now for 11 years and have dabbled in every website there is to sell clips, do phone, do webcam, take tributes etc.

Some are better than others, and here are my TOP recommendations:

NITEFLIRT – I have been on here since 2007.  You can sell clips, assignments, mp3s, and do phone/webcam calls on this site.  I have only had 3 chargebacks in my 11 years here.  They have daily payout as well as monthly.

CLIPS4SALE – I have been on here since 2009.  This place is great for traffic and selling clips.  Payouts are consistent and on a monthly basis.

IWANTCLIPS – I have been on here a few years now.  This place does clips, phone, cam and custom clips.  Their chargeback protection that you can opt in for is amazing.  They do daily payouts.

ADULT MEMBER SITES (MEMBERSHIP SITES) – I joined here in 2017.  Payouts are twice a month, and this is a great place to recycle old content that doesn’t sell anymore such as clips as passive income.


Less preferred, but mainly because they don’t cater to my clientele or have bad traffic:

ManyVids – Their fetish clientele is building slowly, so use this as a back up site.

Kinkbomb – I don’t upload here anymore.  The traffic was bad and I had a lot of chargebacks and refunds.

SextPanther – The site didn’t have much traffic and appears to cater more to vanilla porn.


Birthday & Christmas WANTS

Hi boys!  It’s that time of year again!  My birthday is December 8th and Christmas is shortly after.  What does that mean?  Time to spoil the Elite Sadistic Humiliatrix you just can’t get enough of!  Don’t wait until last minute, I do notice boys who spoil me and ignore those who don’t!

Top items I want for my birthday and Christmas this year:



ULTA giftcards

PETSMART giftcards

APPLE giftcards

AMC Theater giftcards

Apple MacBook Pro

Canon Vixia Camcorder








Preferred Sites

I get asked quite frequently which websites do I prefer subs send tributes on, buy clips on etc, here is your answer(note these are liable to change in the future):


  1. Niteflirt (I get 70%)
  2. iWantClips (I get 75% but prefer NF first)


  1. Niteflirt (I get 70%)
  2. Clips4Sale (I get 60%)
  3. iWantClips (I get 55%)


  1. Niteflirt (I get roughly 68%)
  2. iWantPhone (I get 65%)


I get asked about AMAZON quite frequently.  I do love receiving Amazon e gift cards every once in a while, but you can’t exactly pay bills with an amazon gift card.  I generally prefer CASH/TRIBUTE over Amazon, unless there is something specific I need/want on amazon at that point in time.  It’s best to reach out to me and ask which I want at that point in time!


I always accept random gift cards from subs from the following places:



All About Me

Hi boys.  I had a request to do a more personal blog post about myself.  Here are some things about me outside of online:


Fav color:  Turquoise/Teal/Blue

Fav ice cream flavor:  Chocolate

How I cook my steak:  Medium Well

Fav Drink at Starbucks:  Vanilla Latte w/ almond milk

Fav actors/actress: Alexander Skarsgard, Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Mcavoy, Vin Diesel, Emelia Clarke, Meryl Streep, Edward Norton

Fav place to travel:  Caribbean (beaches w/ blue/clear water are my addiction!)

Fav flower: Gerbera Daisy & Sunflower

Fav video game:  Diablo 1, 2 & 3

Fav car color: Grey (a majority of my cars have been grey)

Fav TV shows growing up:  Xena, Hercules, Charmed, Unsolved Mysteries

Fav TV/Movie genre:  Horror/Scifi

Current TV shows:  The Sinner, Shameless, The Royals, The Flash, Santa Clarita Diet, Siren

Tattoos:  Left wrist HRC/equal rights symbol, right wrist dogs names in an infinity sign, right ankle eye of Horus and ankh, pelvic area leopard spots, lower back tribal (which will soon be covered up)

Fav season: Spring/Fall

Fav Current Musicians:  Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, Selena Gomez, Tove Lo, Taylor Swift



Curacao Trip

Late June – Early July, I went on vacation to Curacao.  I stayed right on the beach in an amazing condo at the Blue Bay Private resort with my best friend.  We spent a week sunbathing, swimming, sight seeing , shopping and having fun!  I even took a few phone calls and drained wallets while laying on the beach. Life literally can’t get any better than this!

I highly recommend Curacao as a vacation destination.

I visited Shete Boka National Park, Boca Tabla, Mount Christoffel, Flamingo Sanctuary, Watamula Hole & many other places!

Here are a few photos from my trip, enjoy boys!  Work hard and fund my next vacation!


I literally had my own private beach with my bestie.  It was AMAZING!

The condo was $1500, and my flight was $1000(First class, duh!).  I spent roughly another $750 on food and gifts.  Be a good boy and reimburse my expenses, it will bring a smile to my face!





Hey boys! Voting for the FetishCon fetish awards just started!  If you haven’t voted for me yet, YOU NEED TO!  The polls close June 15th!  I will be attending FetCon in August, and will be working the clips4sale booth a few hours each day!


The two categories:

Favorite Female Fetish Webcam Performer

Favorite Female Fetish Performer

Just type my name “Evelyn Milano” beside those categories and hit submit!


I was featured in an article on The Daily Beast recently about housing that porn had been filmed in, check it out here:

The Daily Beast Article


I also did a really fun Podcast with Wholesome Addiction, check it out here:

Wholesome Addiction Podcast



2018 has been off to an awesome start!  Tons of stuff coming like EXXXOTICA!

New things:


evelyn milano


Right now I have the rate set at a low intro rate, but it WILL be going up once my content library builds up on there.  There are multiple subscription options to choose from!

I have added BONUS CONTENT, and it will be posted weekly as well.

I will also be adding older clips featuring Dommes such as:

Older slave clips will be added featuring:

  • slave brad
  • slave bart
  • slave pete

You can NOW PURCHASE clips off my members site WITHOUT being a member.  That’s right, you can buy them one by one just like on C4S, IWC, NF, etc.  🙂


evelyn milano


As of April 2018, I will NO LONGER be offering real time sessions.  I also will not be offering any type of cash point meets, etc.  I have removed these options from my website as of today.  The ONLY exception to these are if you are a slave currently owned by me and have been serving me online for 6+ months.


I will be attending EXXXOTICA in Denver April 6-8th.  You can find me at the CLIPS4SALE booth the following days and times:

  • 4/6 Friday – 5PM-7PM
  • 4/7 Saturday -1PM-3PM
  • 4/8 Sunday – 1PM-3PM


I did a video/radio interview with Jiggy Jaguar recently.  He will be interviewing me at EXXXOTICA in person as well.



I’ve been up to so much since my last blog post.  So let’s recap…

Mid-October I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer.  Thankfully it was early stages, and I went into surgery and had 3 inches of my skin removed.  I have a pretty nasty scar on my back from it.  Obvs I won’t be tanning indoor anymore, instead good boys can pay for my spray tans.  Cost is $100 monthly.



I spent Thanksgiving with Lindsey Leigh, we cooked up a meal last minute and had fun!  These are the candy yams I made… sooo delicious!


Shortly after, I headed off to Estes Park with my boyfriend for a few days.  We rented an amazing condo by a river.  As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with space, and I hit up an amazing observatory in Estes Park that had a $25,000 telescope.  I took the photo of the moon with my iPhone through the telescope, omg so amazing!


I headed off to NC early December for a few days.  Of course when I go home, I have to do it in style and show off my luxurious $$$ life.  I hit up some bars and a club to celebrate my birthday early with friends.  I spent time with my family and had a photoshoot with a photographer I’ve shot several times with in the past.  I also had some real time sessions and cash meets.


I celebrated my birthday with my girlfriends at the melting pot.  We had so much food, wine and champs! I got tons of presents from all my fans across the world, good boys!


January will be a busy month for me.  I will be moving into a bigger place, and then shortly after will be the 1 yr anniversary of my brother in law passing away. You can make things easier for me by furnishing my new place, I have a completely separate list on amazon for this, and most items will need to be paid for via amazon e-cert to my email so I can have them shipped directly to my place instead of the post office (big items wont fit in my mustang)  You can access the list via the link below.  You must be logged into amazon, on the left hand side choose “Furnish” to view items.



My new members site is taking off and doing amazing.  If you haven’t joined, you’re missing out!





Coming soon…

Hi boys!

I have some exciting news!  I am in the process of designing my own MEMBERS website.  My previous one that was through clips4sale has already been shut down/deleted and no longer active.  The new one will be through a different company, and soooo much better!  It has tons of videos, photosets, a store where you can buy clothing from me and I will even be doing a live group webcam show once a month, every month!  New content will be added every week!

It’s been long over due, and I can’t wait to release it!  More features will be added in the future to it, such as live chat and private webcam shows!

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come!  Keep a look out, it should be live early November!  I’ll make an announcement when you can sign up and join 😉


Visit the link ABOVE to access my future Members Site!



I have added more information to my Real Time Session page on my website, you can now book cash point meets with me through that page as well as RT sessions.  Future travel dates where I am available for RT Sessions/Cashpoint meets will also be listed there!


PS – My 2018 USA Tour Dates will be announced in December! I have tons of cities planned, and can’t wait to session with my fans all over the USA!




Best and Worst

This is a very personal blog entry, so if that’s not your thing, then skip it and don’t read it.  However, if you would like more insight into my life, then read on.


One of the best moments of my life was in January of 2015.  My brother married his partner of 8 years in NC.  I attended the ceremony and I will never forget it.  I have been a huge equal rights supporter for awhile now, and when gay marriage became legal in NC it was a very huge victory for all LGBTQ people.  Last year I even got a tattoo of the equal rights symbol on my left wrist (you can see it in videos)

One of the worst moments of my life happened last summer.  My brother in law, JP, who was 31 years old suffered a series of strokes.  It left him handicapped, disabled, unable to walk or talk.  Before this happened, he lived a healthy life and had zero problems other than being diabetic, which he had been since he was a kid.  This left my whole family devastated, and his too.  Every test you can imagine was done to try to figure out what caused a healthy individual to have so many strokes, including a brain biopsy.  We never got an answer as to why this happened.   He was in the hospital for weeks, before my brother who is a nurse finally decided it was time to bring JP home instead of being in the hospital another day.

My brother cleared out his kitchen, ordered a hospital bed, a hoyer lift, and did everything he could to make JP as comfortable as possible at home.  My brother had been out of work for weeks at this point, and his job was in jeopardy.  Now that JP was home, and my brother had to go back to work, someone had to take care of JP during the day.  He qualified for a CNA to come for a few hours a week to help take care of him, but since JP was diabetic, a CNA couldn’t administer his blood sugar tests, etc.  This pretty much rendered a CNA useless.  The family got together and made an online volunteer calendar.

I am sure a lot of you noticed the latter half of last year, I didn’t make any new videos for quite a few months.  I wasn’t around much.  This was because I was taking care of JP 3-4 days a week.  It was emotionally draining, as well as physically for me.  Seeing someone who you use to go out drinking with, had so many memories with, be in such condition, wasn’t easy.  I had to do everything you could imagine, from feeding JP to changing his diaper while I took care of him.  I also tried to help my brother out the best I could,  I would do laundry, vacuum, etc while JP was resting or asleep so that when my brother came home from work he didn’t have to worry about stuff like that.

It was a very long few months.  At first, JP started to get a little better.  He would laugh if you cracked a joke.  He was able to use two fingers to hold a  spoon, but you still had to move his arm to his  mouth.  He would give me the death stare when one of his therapists(who had the most annoying high pitched voice I have ever heard in my life) showed up every few days for rehabilitation, he did NOT like her at all! lol! But eventually, things went downhill, the progress he had gained vanished, and he lost the sparkle in his eyes.

It was around this time that I had reached a crucial point in my life.  If this happened to him, it could happen to me at any point.  Something could happen to me tomorrow for all I knew.  I knew I wasn’t happy living in NC.  I grew up in a very small southern country town, and still lived there. I never fit in there. I knew what I had to do, and immediately put my house on the market for sale and started looking at apartments in Colorado.  My house sold the 2nd day it was on the market, and by the time my birthday/christmas rolled around, I had to start packing my house up and prepare for the move.

JPs health started to drastically decline, and we knew he didn’t have much longer to live.  I had this deep sinking feeling that as soon as I left for Colorado, JP was going to pass away.  I left NC for CO, where I knew zero people.  It was a very long drive across the USA with my 2 dogs.  4 days after I arrived in CO,  JP passed away.  That feeling in my gut was right all along.  I was not able to attend JPs funeral, because I had just arrived in CO and didn’t have a pet sitter here to stay with my dogs.  It was a terrible feeling, being in a completely different state, not knowing anyone, and going through this alone.  I have had deaths in my family before, but JPs affected me differently as I was very close with him.  To this day, I still struggle with what happened.

This is the last two photos I have of me and JP together


Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  You only have one life.  If you aren’t happy, it’s time to change things so you can be happy.  Just because someone appears like everything is perfect, it could be far from perfect.  You never know what people are secretly going through in their life, especially with the industry that I am in, most personal stuff isn’t divulged.  I try to keep most personal stuff out of my work, but I felt this was something I needed to share.  Sex workers/adult industry people are just that, PEOPLE.  Human beings.  Things happen.

Mental illness/disorders are real.  Depression is real.  Anxiety is real.  I have experienced both.  Never feel like you are the only one suffering, because others suffer silently too.


This is the last photo I took of JP last year, on one of the days I was taking care of him, and it’s heartbreaking.