As many of you are aware, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are hardcore cracking down on adult industry performers. Many performers accounts have already been shut down/banned in the least 1-2 years and now things such as being “shadow banned” and “hashtag banning” are happening to everyone. Social media banning has become an epidemic in its self.  It’s a shame that companies who once welcomed the adult industry are now pushing us off their platforms.

Just this week, more than half the posts I made on Facebook were removed and my Facebook page has been threatened numerous times to be “unpublished” due to violating their anti-adult content policies.


Two of my instagram posts this week have been removed and I am no longer able to use “branded content tools” on instagram due to their anti-adult policy.


It makes it hard for performers in the industry to post frequent updates when posts are constantly getting flagged and deleted.  It’s one of the many reasons I have been really slack on social media the last year and I think it’s important my fans know why.  The lack of updates/posts can be blamed on all the newish anti-adult policies that have been popping up everywhere and affecting accounts left and right.  It can be very frustrating as a performer to constantly deal with this, and I’d rather put my effort into my content/clips rather than spending hours on end updating social media just for it to get flagged and deleted!


I urge fans to go DIRECTLY to their fav performers stores/studios often to check for new content;  Just because you don’t see a social media update doesn’t mean there hasn’t been one… it was probably flagged and deleted! With just a few minor adjustments on your part such as going directly to performers stores instead of their social media, we can cut out the middle man and voila!


My previous newsletter account was shut down back over the summer due to their anti-adult policies as well, so please join my new one:


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  1. Squirts
    Squirts says:

    So, let me get this straight… Facebook considers your profile to be a violation of its community standards, yet it permits blatantly false advertisements, propaganda, etc. that put democracy at risk? Tell them to go fuck themselves!


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