Many submissive’s do not know how to properly browse a FemDom’s Amazon wishlist, or use Amazon services to their benefit. There are many things about amazon that can save you money in the long run, as well as speed up shipping time and please your Domme even more!  If you open my wishlist link below and follow as you read, it will make it easier to understand.



For only $99 a year, you can have amazon prime.  If you are a student, you can get it for $49 a year by using your .edu email address!  If you buy gifts regularly, you’ll save money by signing up for this.

What are the benefits?

FREE 2 day shipping (this is the most important one)

Prime Video

Prime Music

Prime Reading

& more



Amazon allows you to sort by priority.  You can do this on an amazon wishlist by looking near the top right, for the drop down that says “Filter & Sort” and then scroll down to “Priority (high to low).”  This means things that I need immediately I mark as “high priority” where as things I want but don’t need immediately are regular priority.  You should ALWAYS buy things for your Domme that are marked “HIGH PRIORITY” first!  Simply skipping over something marked as “high priority” because you see a sexy pair of shoes or lingerie you want me to have is disrespectful and not following orders.



Amazon allows you to have multiple wishlists!  This can come in handy when you want separate lists for things such as shoes, or household items.  However, you CANNOT see all of them unless you are LOGGED INTO your amazon account!  If you look over to the left side, you will see multiple listed once you are logged in (if your Domme has multiple.). I have “MOST WANTED” set as my default wishlist, because it is things I want the most and deem more important.  However, I also have other ones such as “SHOES”, “GIFTCARDS” etc!



If you don’t put that the gift card/gift is from you, how am I supposed to know who sent it?  I get tons of anonymous gifts/tributes regularly.  It is very important to put your name and/or email address on the gift card/gift so I can know whether it’s a tribute or is supposed to be used for something else such as a custom clip or webcam.  Including a cute little message to me will also get my attention.


This is all the Amazon advice I have for now,  but if anything changes or needs to be added, I will update this!