So many of you always ask what can you do to please me? What can you do to be a better sub?  How can you stand out from the rest?  Being my sub doesn’t just mean applying, sending tributes and rarely hearing from you.



It’s pretty easy for you to google the basics on how to be a sub, if you are brand new or not sure what to do.  I have been in the industry for 11 years now, and do not have the time nor energy to teach you the basics of being a submissive.

I will not just start telling you all about myself, you can research me very easily online.  Read my website, read all the interviews I’ve done.  Listen to podcasts I’ve been on.  Make yourself familiar with things I like, things I don’t like.



Tell me what fetishes you’re into and not into.  Let me know about any and all experience you’ve had as a submissive.  Message me regularly, with meaningful conversation.  I prefer to speak with my subs on a regular basis, and get to know them as they get to know me. Don’t expect me to sit and have very long conversations with you unless you are tributing me regularly because I could be spending my time with another sub who values my time more.



Serving more than one Domme, tributing more than one person?  STOP.  You are spreading yourself thin between too many people.  Small tributes will only get you an ounce of attention, if that.  If you’re jumping around from one Domme to another, you’re never going to fully please anyone.  Half hearted tributes from community sluts don’t hold the same value as a tribute from a loyal devoted sub.  Stick to one Domme and tribute her regularly.  Build a long term relationship, rather than short-term meaningless ones.



I deal with thousands of subs online.  If you really want to impress me, you need to stand out from the crowd.  Do things that please me such as; promoting me whether it be on twitter or forums, search for my pirated content and send me links, send me a poem every week, tribute regularly, buy me gifts regularly, ask if there are any tasks I need done online etc.  I recently had a new sub of mine write “EM <3” in the sand at the beach and he snapped a photo and sent it to me.  Things like this get my attention.

Any time I post a bill on twitter, be the first person to pay for it!  You can always ask to pay for a night out as well!

Having a screen name like “Cuckold123” or “Paypig478” isn’t going to do you any good.  Create a unique screen name that will catch my attention.  Put my photo as your profile photo, put my links on your profile.  Show you are devoted to me.

Call me on Niteflirt or iWantClips!  Do webcam sessions with me!  If you’re a regular caller, I will most certainly remember your voice and/or your face!