Easy Submissive Tasks

Can’t afford to send big tributes regularly? No problem!

Here are some easy things you can do instead to please me aka submissive tasks:

1. Always leave 5* feedback for all Niteflirt purchases

2. Retweet and/or like my twitter posts

3. Write reviews for my clips and I’ll RT them

4. Good at graphics design? Create some stuff for me!

5. Good at writing? Contact me for writing tasks!

6. Search for my pirated content and email me links

7. Post on forums about me with links to my stores & pics

8. Write a poem for me or daily mantra & share!

9. Send me pictures of yourself w/ my name written on you or pics of you kneeling while watching my clips!

10. Send me clip ideas (that fit the type of clips I already film) for the general public to my email

Anything is better than nothing! This goes for all subs and applies to all Dommes they serve.

YO. Orlando, Florida bitches!

I am accepting bribery ($$) and lots of begging on knees for new local submissive slave positions.

Yep, you read that right. I am looking for 2 local Orlando subs who wanna devote their time to me. Life to me. Die for me.

No broke asses


As many of you are aware, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are hardcore cracking down on adult industry performers. Many performers accounts have already been shut down/banned in the least 1-2 years and now things such as being “shadow banned” and “hashtag banning” are happening to everyone. Social media banning has become an epidemic in its self.  It’s a shame that companies who once welcomed the adult industry are now pushing us off their platforms.

Just this week, more than half the posts I made on Facebook were removed and my Facebook page has been threatened numerous times to be “unpublished” due to violating their anti-adult content policies.


Two of my instagram posts this week have been removed and I am no longer able to use “branded content tools” on instagram due to their anti-adult policy.


It makes it hard for performers in the industry to post frequent updates when posts are constantly getting flagged and deleted.  It’s one of the many reasons I have been really slack on social media the last year and I think it’s important my fans know why.  The lack of updates/posts can be blamed on all the newish anti-adult policies that have been popping up everywhere and affecting accounts left and right.  It can be very frustrating as a performer to constantly deal with this, and I’d rather put my effort into my content/clips rather than spending hours on end updating social media just for it to get flagged and deleted!


I urge fans to go DIRECTLY to their fav performers stores/studios often to check for new content;  Just because you don’t see a social media update doesn’t mean there hasn’t been one… it was probably flagged and deleted! With just a few minor adjustments on your part such as going directly to performers stores instead of their social media, we can cut out the middle man and voila!


My previous newsletter account was shut down back over the summer due to their anti-adult policies as well, so please join my new one:


Super worn as fuck used shoes – roxy sandals

Toe imprint and everything

$100 Niteflirt tribute

Ships 2-3 day USA only

First to send gets them

Anddddd go!


This blog is for the ladies in the industry, whether you are new and looking where to start or have been around for a bit but still want the opinion of an established Veteran Domme in the industry.  I have been an online Domme now for 11 years and have dabbled in every website there is to sell clips, do phone, do webcam, take tributes etc.

Some are better than others, and here are my TOP recommendations:

NITEFLIRT – I have been on here since 2007.  You can sell clips, assignments, mp3s, and do phone/webcam calls on this site.  I have only had 3 chargebacks in my 11 years here.  They have daily payout as well as monthly.

CLIPS4SALE – I have been on here since 2009.  This place is great for traffic and selling clips.  Payouts are consistent and on a monthly basis.

IWANTCLIPS – I have been on here a few years now.  This place does clips, phone, cam and custom clips.  Their chargeback protection that you can opt in for is amazing.  They do daily payouts.

ADULT MEMBER SITES (MEMBERSHIP SITES) – I joined here in 2017.  Payouts are twice a month, and this is a great place to recycle old content that doesn’t sell anymore such as clips as passive income.


Less preferred, but mainly because they don’t cater to my clientele or have bad traffic:

ManyVids – Their fetish clientele is building slowly, so use this as a back up site.

Kinkbomb – I don’t upload here anymore.  The traffic was bad and I had a lot of chargebacks and refunds.

SextPanther – The site didn’t have much traffic and appears to cater more to vanilla porn.


Hi boys!  It’s that time of year again!  My birthday is December 8th and Christmas is shortly after.  What does that mean?  Time to spoil the Elite Sadistic Humiliatrix you just can’t get enough of!  Don’t wait until last minute, I do notice boys who spoil me and ignore those who don’t!

Top items I want for my birthday and Christmas this year:



ULTA giftcards

PETSMART giftcards

APPLE giftcards

AMC Theater giftcards

Apple MacBook Pro

Canon Vixia Camcorder







I get asked quite frequently which websites do I prefer subs send tributes on, buy clips on etc, here is your answer(note these are liable to change in the future):


  1. Niteflirt (I get 70%)
  2. iWantClips (I get 75% but prefer NF first)


  1. Niteflirt (I get 70%)
  2. Clips4Sale (I get 60%)
  3. iWantClips (I get 55%)


  1. Niteflirt (I get roughly 68%)
  2. iWantPhone (I get 65%)


I get asked about AMAZON quite frequently.  I do love receiving Amazon e gift cards every once in a while, but you can’t exactly pay bills with an amazon gift card.  I generally prefer CASH/TRIBUTE over Amazon, unless there is something specific I need/want on amazon at that point in time.  It’s best to reach out to me and ask which I want at that point in time!


I always accept random gift cards from subs from the following places:



Hi boys.  I had a request to do a more personal blog post about myself.  Here are some things about me outside of online:


Fav color:  Turquoise/Teal/Blue

Fav ice cream flavor:  Chocolate

How I cook my steak:  Medium Well

Fav Drink at Starbucks:  Vanilla Latte w/ almond milk

Fav actors/actress: Alexander Skarsgard, Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Mcavoy, Vin Diesel, Emelia Clarke, Meryl Streep, Edward Norton

Fav place to travel:  Caribbean (beaches w/ blue/clear water are my addiction!)

Fav flower: Gerbera Daisy & Sunflower

Fav video game:  Diablo 1, 2 & 3

Fav car color: Grey (a majority of my cars have been grey)

Fav TV shows growing up:  Xena, Hercules, Charmed, Unsolved Mysteries

Fav TV/Movie genre:  Horror/Scifi

Current TV shows:  The Sinner, Shameless, The Royals, The Flash, Santa Clarita Diet, Siren

Tattoos:  Left wrist HRC/equal rights symbol, right wrist dogs names in an infinity sign, right ankle eye of Horus and ankh, pelvic area leopard spots, lower back tribal (which will soon be covered up)

Fav season: Spring/Fall

Fav Current Musicians:  Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, Selena Gomez, Tove Lo, Taylor Swift



Late June – Early July, I went on vacation to Curacao.  I stayed right on the beach in an amazing condo at the Blue Bay Private resort with my best friend.  We spent a week sunbathing, swimming, sight seeing , shopping and having fun!  I even took a few phone calls and drained wallets while laying on the beach. Life literally can’t get any better than this!

I highly recommend Curacao as a vacation destination.

I visited Shete Boka National Park, Boca Tabla, Mount Christoffel, Flamingo Sanctuary, Watamula Hole & many other places!

Here are a few photos from my trip, enjoy boys!  Work hard and fund my next vacation!


I literally had my own private beach with my bestie.  It was AMAZING!

The condo was $1500, and my flight was $1000(First class, duh!).  I spent roughly another $750 on food and gifts.  Be a good boy and reimburse my expenses, it will bring a smile to my face!


Hey boys! Voting for the FetishCon fetish awards just started!  If you haven’t voted for me yet, YOU NEED TO!  The polls close June 15th!  I will be attending FetCon in August, and will be working the clips4sale booth a few hours each day!

The two categories:

Favorite Female Fetish Webcam Performer

Favorite Female Fetish Performer

Just type my name “Evelyn Milano” beside those categories and hit submit!


I was featured in an article on The Daily Beast recently about housing that porn had been filmed in, check it out here:

The Daily Beast Article


I also did a really fun Podcast with Wholesome Addiction, check it out here:

Wholesome Addiction Podcast